Sunset Community Garden

Sunset Community Garden

Sunset Community Garden is applying for your Action Grant. Our goal is to collaborate with neighborhood school children and to inspire each other (members and students) to look at our natural environment differently. Please help us to provide the tools to move the less mobile to be more mobile. Our aim is to challenge and to inspire children and adults to get out more, all the while having a good time and remembering to become stewards of the environment and to take care of Mother Earth. 

We call it: The Good Neighbors Program and it gives Sunset neighborhood residents the chance to meet and work together to maintain and share green space. 

We are one of the oldest “Victory” gardens in San Francisco and we make our own bylaws such as no fees for members. This makes us a rare breed but our budget is very light. Not everyone in the Sunset is well off and while we have 53 plots with more then 50% 60 + year old retired gardeners with fixed income, we have been sharing 2 hand trowels and meager quantities of other tools.  

Working in the garden helps the old timers improve their health and gain a sense of accomplishment. Interaction between members is beyond educational and task sharing; we inspire and motivate each other to try new things. We care about the environment and each others well-being.

The location of our community garden is sandwiched between A.P. Giannini Middle School andSaint Ignacius High School. There is also a co-op kindergarten one block away and the Noriega branch public library is nearby too. 

There is a great opportunity for outreach to the schools and youth of the community because of the proximity of our site.    Building a strong relationship with neighborhood kids while under-served seniors have a chance to come out and volunteer to supervise the children will be one of the mutual benefits of our plan. Allowing the children to get out of the classroom and into nature and engage with seniors and the rest of the gardeners is a win/win situation.  A recent event was with 6thgraders from the A.P. Gianni Middle School.

Volunteers from Sunset Community Garden will come during working hours to supervise the children. Tasks may include: rebuilding “common” gardening plots so both groups can work in these new community areas allowing members and visiting students’ space together.  These projects will foster responsibility and share common interest. While growing in this common plot, children will learn about steps to growing food.  With grant money utilized and tools bought we will be able to provide clear access to each garden plot. 

In closing, we sincerely believe we are a worthy cause. We have an independent spirit but need to ask for help with this project. Give us a chance to show you that we can be a great service to our community with this grant. We expect great interest from the community and believe strongly that this will help the Sunset in many ways.

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