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In order to promote civic engagement around the creation of much-needed new public open space in the West SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco, the Friends of Eagle Plaza (FoEP) seeks SFPA Action Grant funding to host a free public street closure event on a Saturday in July/August 2015 to raise awareness of and build support for Eagle Plaza, a proposed permanent new public plaza on 12th Street between Harrison and Bernice Streets. Importantly, Eagle Plaza would address two largely unmet needs in this neighborhood that have been identified in multiple City planning documents: the need for public open space to gather, play and relax, and the need for a physical commemoration of the rich LGBTQ and leather cultural history of the Folsom Gulch neighborhood.


The goal of Eagle Plaza Day is to engage residents, nearby business and property owners, interested stakeholders and the general public to learn more about and provide feedback on the proposed Eagle Plaza. FoEP would secure the necessary permits to temporarily close 12th Street between Harrison and Bernice Streets to cars for that one day, to simulate what Eagle Plaza might look and feel like. The event would feature a range of family-friendly activities over the course of the day, intended to attract a mix of ages, demographics, and cultures so that FoEP may receive the broadest range of feedback and engagement possible about Eagle Plaza. Not only would this street closure event help catalyze important discussion and community feedback about the proposed project, but it would also afford FoEP the opportunity to corroborate and expand upon existing traffic count studies that have already been completed in the area.

The feedback received from Eagle Plaza Day would be incorporated into subsequent Eagle Plaza design and management planning, so that the resulting design is as robust, community-driven, and successful as possible. Importantly, Eagle Plaza Day would also raise much-needed awareness about public space stewardship. Given the recent and ongoing media attention on the challenges facing many San Francisco’s public spaces, it is critical to introduce proactive stewardship solutions designed to ensure that our valued public spaces remain safe, clean and inviting for all.​​

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