Clarendon Trail Project

Sutro Stewards

Sutro Clarendon Trailhead
The Sutro Stewards are a unique non-profit organization dedicated to creating urban recreational opportunities while practicing sustainable habitat conservation. Through the support of an active volunteer program, the Sutro Stewards wish to create a new access point for users of the Mount Sutro Trail System. The Clarendon Trail Restoration project would be the first trailhead and external public access to San Francisco's only true multi-use trail system from the edge of the UCSF campus. The project has long been part of a vision to create connectivity to surrounding communities and other open spaces, and when complete will become a key piece of the Bay Area Ridge Trail and San Francisco’s Cross-Town Trail route. The new trailhead would be designed to create a meeting place with seating for users and would include a kiosk for a trail map and visitor information. This project would facilitate movement along the popular route between Mount Sutro and Twin Peak as well as provide rare opportunities for volunteer crew leaders to develop hard-to-acquire skills necessary for building and maintaining sustainable trails for all to enjoy. 


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