Dr Lerman Tea Garden paintingThe late Dr. Eric Lehrman, a San Francisco marriage and family therapist who practiced Aikido, Tai Chi and Yoga at the highest levels, has left a $5,000 bequest to the San Francisco Park’s Alliance for the benefit of Golden Gate Park’s Japanese Tea Garden.

Dr. Lehrman, who died March 27, 2015 at age 72, was also an accomplished musician and artist.  He made several drawing of the Tea Garden, one of which graces the Tea Garden’s ticket booth.
“Eric loved the Tea Garden,” his sister, Gail Lehrman, said.  “He spent time there every day and it was a source of happiness for him.  He would be delighted to think that his gift will help sustain it.”

His memorial service was celebrated there May 2, 2015.

Beth Chesterman, a close friend and trustee of his estate, remembered that Dr. Lehrman “would walk to the Japanese Tea Garden from his apartment in the inner Sunset and then, after meditating there in the Zen rock garden in the back corner of the Tea Garden, he would walk to his office in the inner Richmond where he saw his psychotherapy clients.  He found great peace there and was well known by the staff.”

The San Francisco Park’s Alliance is honored to list Dr. Eric Lehrman as a member of its Legacy Circle.  For Legacy Circle information contact Stephanie Linder at 415-621-3260 x108 or Stephanie@sfparksalliance.org.


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