Common Compost: Sunnydale Community Garden

Common Compost is seeking support to coordinate a 1 year partnership with Urban Sprouts that will lay the foundation for a permanent on site vermicomposting facility as part of their Sunnydale community based agricultural project. Since March 2014, Urban Sprouts has worked with Mercy Housing to build the 2,500 sqft Sunnydale Community Garden for use and management by the Sunnydale community at the corner of Hahn St. & Sunnydale Ave. Urban Sprouts is currently engaging residents by providing education on basic gardening techniques, food security and justice, as well as how to cook with garden harvests. Mercy Housing hosts a community volunteer led food bank every week that offers low income residents stipends to acquire staple food provisions and fresh produce

Common Compost is proposing a vermiculture project that will further ongoing efforts to engage the Sunnydale neighborhood in sustainable gardening, eating, and restorative living. We will build one worm composting machine that will be hosted at Sunnydale Community Garden, which will help create the capacity to recycle up to 30 gallons/week of the food bank’s leftover produce on-site. Common Compost will then provide basic vermiculture training for Sunnydale residents, Urban Sprouts food bank volunteers, and Urban Sprouts community garden managers on how to compost using worms, with ongoing support for machine maintenance and troubleshooting. Other project activities will include periodic outreach events for other interested Sunnydale residents, such as vermicomposting demonstrations, compost harvesting workdays for active garden volunteers, and open classes that promote the benefits and applications of local community composting..

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