Dogpatch Arts Live!

On behalf of the Friends of Dogpatch Arts Plaza, Build Public proposes to organize “Dogpatch Arts Live!”, a kickoff series of free public educational and community-building programs in the newly created public pedestrian plaza, Dogpatch Arts Plaza (DAP), during Summer and Fall 2017. “Dogpatch Arts Live!” would include a series of six community-driven events focused on bringing the arts to a public audience, specifically oriented towards expanding arts awareness to youth from underserved and surrounding communities. We seek an Action Grant from San Francisco Parks Alliance to provide production assistance and honorarium for each of these first six major kickoff events as a catalyst for additional funding for further public programming in the plaza. An Action Grant will provide the much-needed resources to pilot and “seed” a recurring annual community-based events program, to establish DAP as a valued neighborhood resource and public events space.

DogPatch Live!


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