Literacy for Environmental Justice: Eco-Adventures Project

The Eco-Adventures Project is an in-depth outdoor recreation & education program for 780 low-income grades 4-12 public school youth in Southeast San Francisco, emphasizing outdoor time, appreciation, stewardship, and locally-relevant environmental/justice education. Activities are centered on Candlestick Point State Recreation Area and adjacent parklands and portions of the SF Bay Shore, notably to include those slated for inclusion in the ‘Blue-Greenway.’

The Project’s aim is that disadvantaged young people experience greater health, quality of life, connection to their local parks, and to start developing environmental citizenship through contact with local open space along the San Francisco Bay Shore. With an Action Grant, the Candlestick Point Eco-Adventures will be able to acquire nearly all of 20 bicycles and 20 helmets. Bicycle transportation is woven into several kinds of activities, ranging from kayaking to habitat restoration service-learning & camping Activities include hikes, overnight campouts at the new sites, birdwatching, fishing, sea kayaking, and bicycling.

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