Glen Park Greenway

Our project will install a series of signs along the Glen Park Greenway to describe and draw attention to the work that our project will achieve with funds from a Community Challenge Grant that we are in the process of applying for. The Glen Park Greenway (“the Greenway”) is a well used, though badly maintained pedestrian path through the Glen Park neighborhood of San Francisco. The paths are encroached upon by invasive ivy and chest-high fennel; garbage litters the area, and many trees are near the end of their lives. While not visible, Islais Creek runs beneath much of the Greenway in a large sewer pipe.

Maintenance is minimal and inconsistent, as the Greenway is primarily owned by two public agencies: the San Francisco Public Works (SFPW) and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC). As seen in the above map, The Greenway is a strip of open space that connects downtown Glen Park’s transportation hub, public library, stores and restaurants to Glen Canyon Park’s popular playing fields, tennis courts, Rec Center (currently under renovation), pre-school/daycamp, and numerous trails leading up to either Diamond Heights or Portola where walkers can continue on to Twin Peaks and beyond.. 

Glen Park Greenway


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