Nature in the City: Palou Community Garden Reactivation

The goal of the project is to reactivate the community garden space so that it can serve the neighboring area as a place to learn about their local environment, grow both native plants and produce, and support Nature in the City's efforts to conserve the native grass land at Palou Phelps Mini park and Open Space.

In order to do that they have outlined four tasks that need to be completed:

  1. Clean up the trash around the fence that borders the outside of the garden and weed/level the spaces designated for community growing beds. 
  2. Build four raised garden beds along northwest wedge of property. 
  3. Replant native plants along the whole southern border of the property.
  4. Design an educational community outreach compontent that people that emphazies the importance of native plants, need for pollinator species, benefit and DIY urban agriculture, and a community's role in their local environment.


Palou Community Garden


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