Visitacion Valley Greenway

The Visitacion Valley Greenway Project (VVGP), in collaboration with Visitacion Valley Connections (VVC), proposes partnering with artists in our community for a series of 2 or 3 Art Walks on the Visitacion Valley Greenway, which will take place over the course of the year during dry weather. The 6 Greenway parks each have their own theme and character. The layout of the Greenway is exciting in its potential for many types of performance, including dance, music, theater, clown, and even a parade encompassing all of the above. Site specific performance will activate the parks, and encourage fitness, as people may not yet know the extent of this neighborhood resource, open to all. We will host a kickoff picnic in the summer, to reach out to artists in the community who may want to perform or help out, and we have commitments from several already.

This is a pilot project to activate the Greenway, add the element of the arts to the Greenway parks, and recruit volunteers for both VVGP and VVC. Our neighborhood currently lacks opportunities for our diverse cultures to interact and learn from each other, for healthful outdoor group activities, for enjoyment of the arts, and for our own local artists to contribute to our community. We hope to build this into a yearly performance series, providing cultural enrichment for the local community and making our neighborhood a destination for other San Franciscans.

Visitacion Valley Greenway


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